Data Licensing & Syndication

We help clients around the world in/out license and/or syndicate industrial and anonymized data. We do not work with marketing, financial consumer or health data. We work exclusively with industrial data from manufacturers, IoT hardware companies, software vendors and so on.

Some of the Data Types We Help License/Syndicate:

  • HVAC (Commercial Property only)
  • IoT Device Data (anonymized)
  • Robotics (Manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing (Equipment)
  • Agricultural (Sensor, Device, Drone & Satellite)
  • Industrial Satellite & Drone (Non-Agricultural)
  • Seismic Data (Oil & Gas and Mining)
  • Field Equipment (Sensor)
  • Airplane (Carrier, non-military)
  • Logistical (Ground and Air)
  • Oceanographic Sensors
  • Meteorological (Resale)
  • Automotive (supply chain)
  • Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Water, Hydro)




Our senior management team has extensive experience in complex financial structures, in/out licensing, Big Data strategy and international business. Data monetization, also known as infonomics, is an emerging sector and we are leading the way.

Consulting on Data Monetization

Sometimes it can be a challenge to determine if you a) have data to out-license {sell} and b) finding data to in-license or subscribe/syndicate to and knowing it’s good data. In addition to in/out licensing and syndicating data we provide consulting services;

  • Data Exhaust Analysis (Finding data to out-license)
  • Data Monetization (determining what and how to monetize your data)
  • Data Valuation for Business Models through infonomics (Startups to Enterprise)
  • Merger & Acquisition Data Preparation Strategy
  • Data Asset Determination (for insurance and actuarial purposes)
  • Opportunity Identification (Finding data revenue opportunity outside your market)
  • Business Model Development (figuring out extra value in your data)
  • Data Sourcing for Contextual Brokers