Data is the new oil. It’s what makes manufacturing and the technology industries of today flow. And everything is collecting data, from production robots to thermostats in consumer homes and retail POS systems. Organizations leveraging Big Data and advanced or contextual analytics know that the variety and volume of data is critical to finding insights and derivatives that lead to better decisions and opportunities.

Our role is to help clients source, acquire or in/out license industrial and other types of anonymous data. We do not broker or license marketing, consumer credit or personal health data. Nor do we provide any kind of analysis or insights from data; we simply source the data and often negotiate API’s when needed. We focus strictly on industrial data; HVAC, robotics, manufacturing, M2M, environmental, ocean, meteorological, building systems, transportation etc.

We help clients arounds the world;

  • Find and In-License large volumes of data from disparate sources for projects
  • Out-License their own data for data monetization programs
  • Negotiate data royalty agreements and programs (i.e. farmers and farm equipment manufacturers, supply-chains in manufacturing, OEM situations etc.)
  • Work with Contextual Brokers to source data
  • Advise o corporations on data monetizations strategies via infonomics best practices
  • Work with actuarial firms in data valuation
  • Assist clients in compliance with GAAP rules for data asset recognition
  • Advise multinational corporations on data valuation risks across borders
  • Securely transport data assets internationally and nationally

We Are The Economic Value Side of Data
Our team is comprised of international licensing, finance and business development professionals. We bring to bear technical skills, but our primary focus is on that of the transactional side of data trading – the asset realization of infonomics. We are re-writing the rules of data monetization so that corporate data can be truly realized as an asset under GAAP rules.

Our backoffice is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast. Why? Oddly enough, Atlantic Canada is a world leader in Big Data and advanced analytics. Multinationals such as IBM, Hitachi, CGI, Boeing, T4G, Lockheed-Martin and others have Big Data and advanced analytics programs in the region.