Our management team & co-founders bring a wealth of experience working with data, digital business models international business development.

Giles Crouch | CEO & Co-Founder
Globally experienced and a serial entrepreneur, Giles melds a unique combination of behavioural economics, digital anthropology and marketing communications spanning over 20 years. He’s one of the Top 400 CEO’s on Twitter and is interviewed regularly by news media on technology issues. Giles has been working with Big Data analytics since 2009.

Kevin Colvey | CFO & Co-Founder
With over 25 years experience in the energy sector across Africa, Europe and North America, Kevin brings extensive experience in structuring complex revenue and partnership programs to fruition. Kevin has extensive M&A experience and structuring of multi-national acquisitions and investments. He has deep experience in capital raising, IPO’s and debt structuring.

Sammy Davis | CMO & Co-Founder
Also a serial entrepreneur and regarded as one of Canada’s top marketing minds. Sammy brings nearly 20 years of marketing and revenue generation to the team. Sammy brings a no-nonsense approach to marketing, including a nack for building alliances and partnerships.